Carly Seldon
Founder/Graphic Designer

I'm Carly and I started Driven Creative out of a desire to help entrepreneurs & small business owners because starting a new business is a lot to take on. There are so many things to handle and we don't even realize how much until we get started!

I come from a family of entrepreneurial-minded people, so starting Driven Creative was a natural progression. My retail career began in college working at JCPenney. I then went on to work for brands such as Dick's


Sporting Goods, Bath & Body Works, and DSW. I made the transition to hospitality, specifically hotels, and worked for Marriott and Hilton brands. I used that experience in my role as Event Manager with Urban Engine. All of this have given me a deep understanding and appreciation for what branding can do for a business. 

Branding is so much more than colors and logos. It's figuring out who your people and letting them know you're there for them without having to say a word. We all have our short list of businesses, stores, and even hotels that we feel match our vibe and your clients should feel that way about you!

I'm here to help you find your perfect branding and then find your people.

20+ yrs.

Retail Experience

10+ yrs.

Hospitality Experience

5+ yrs.

Experience helping Entrepreneurs